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Cultural Street of Colored Glaze Factory

    The Cultural Street of Colored Glaze Factory, originally known as “Changdian”, is a traditional cultural street that attracts thousands of customers both from home and abroad to come either for visit or purchase. Nearly 100 stores line up along the street, and sell delicate and fine commodities, for example, antique and modern calligraphies and paintings of Rongbaozhai and Baoguzhai, metal and stone potteries of Yunguzhai and Cuizhenzhai, four items of traditional Chinese stationery of Laixunge and Yidezhai, various items of jewelries of Zhenhuange and Zhenyunge, musical instruments of Yuehaixuan and Guyizhai, rubbings from stone inscriptions of all times of Guanfuzhai and Qingyuntang, imitated cultural relics of Jiguzhai and Wenyuzhai, antique brocade boxes and books of Ruichenzhai and Suiyazhai, gauze lanterns and palace lanterns of Wenshengzhai, carpets and tapestries of Jinchang Store, etc.

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